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Quick View engetsuhtmadaiss_v1_m56577569831029225.png Engetsu Hitotsu Tenya Madai SS

Detect the faintest bite and power set to hook up finicky species

Quick View tiagraxtr_v1_m56577569830927677.png Tiagra XTR B

The Tiagra XTRB trolling is the second generation of the successful XTR family. It still has a HPC250 carbon blank mixed with Biofibre for strength but with the use of higher tonnage carbon, the blank is lighter and stronger.

Quick View tyrnosastandup_v1_m56577569831029605.png Tyrnos A Stand-up

Slim diameter delivers remarkable power, designed for the demands of anglers who wants progressive and responsive action

Quick View tyrnos_v1_m56577569830927679.png Tyrnos

The Tyrnos Standup range offers incredibly strong but lightweight blanks designed to cover a wide range of styles and demands

Quick View TLDstp_v1_m56577569830927678.png TLD Standup

Shimano never stops developing new processes, products and components and the new TLD Standup features many of these.

Quick View catanabxs_v1_m56577569831029366.png Catana BX Standup

Glass blended with XT30 to create a strong and durable rod for those looking to start stand-up boat angling

Quick View beastmasterbxtrolling_v1_m56577569831029606.png Beastmaster BX Trolling

Replacing the legendary AX range of trolling rods, the Beastmaster BX family is made of XT60 and Biofibre and looks even better than the legendary AX range. Models from 30lbs onward are equipped with rollerguides.

Quick View catanaaxtrolling_v1_m56577569831029608.png Catana AX Trolling

The Catana AX Trolling is equipped with a deep progressive action and heavy duty guides, making it more than enough in the challenge of taming large pelagic species.

Quick View vengeancetroll_v1_m56577569831029609.png Vengeance Trolling

The Vengeance series of trolling rods are built using XT30 and Geofibre blank and offers outstanding value for anglers new to trolling.

Quick View tyrnosatrollinglite_v1_m56577569831029611.png Tyrnos A Trolling Lite

Designed for light line sport fishing with both natural and artificial baits, the semi parabolic action gives maximum fish-playing pleasure.

Quick View catanacxtrolllite_v1_m56577569831029612.png Catana CX Trolling Lite

The Catana is a little longer than a traditional trolling rod to make it easier to fish from smaller boats when baiting for pelagic species.

Quick View beastmasterkihada_t_v1_m56577569831051484.png Beast Master Kihada

Born pursuing true strength, the Beast Master Kihada is one of the best electric fishing rod without a doubt