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Quick View oceapluggerbgthumbnail_v1_m56577569831029603.png OCEA Plugger BG

Encompassing power and workability and made exquisitely with Spiral X & High Power X, the series is for professional anglers looking for the best popping rod. Comes in 3 main series to suit different types of popping; Wild Response, Monster Drive and Flex.

Quick View oceaplugger_v1_m56577569831029604.png OCEA Plugger

Cast, control and reel in the big catch!

Quick View oceapluggerFT_v1_m56577569831051424.png OCEA Plugger Full Throttle

Serious casting rod combining distance and power

Quick View orcaplugger_v1_m56577569830927688.png Orca Plugger

All GT anglers worth their salt knows that to bring out the best action in stickbaits, rod action is vital.

Quick View speedcastkaibutsu_v1_m56577569830927689.png Speedcast Kaibutsu

This rod is developed in the seas. With the experience of our fieldtsters, Shimano created a popping stick that will not pop your bank balance.