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Quick View catanagarudaspecial_v1_m56577569831031638.png Catana Garuda Special

Garuda is Eagle in Bahasa Indonesia. Like an eagle, this rod is swift and deadly.

Quick View liangfeng_v1_m56577569831031639.png 涼風

Pole fishing rod with a strong backbone that gives angler a quick lift.

Quick View xiaobing_v1_m56577569831031640.png 小柄.蝦

Probably one of the finest shrimp rod. Sensation of the strike is transmitted from the tip to the hand of the angler almost instantaneously.

Quick View xiahuan_v1_m56577569831031641.png 蝦幻

Well balanced rod when fully extended. Action tuned for competition game.

Quick View xiaying_v1_m56577569831031642.png 蝦影

Bright white tip for easy sighting and rod action is tuned to give maximum hook up rate and sensitivity