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Quick View lesathgs_v1_m56577569831001445.png Lesath GS

The latest generation of freshwater competition spinning rods. The design is a representation of classic design using modern techniques creating the perfect blend of form and function.

Quick View speedmastergs_v1_m56577569830927682.png Speedmaster GS

Gelatama Anglers are like snipers. Always waiting for the right moment to strike. This rod is swift and deadlywith action tuned to react to the angler.

Quick View bassterrags_v1_m56577569831049980.png Bassterra GS

Uncompromising performance from a production rod that performs like a custom built one. Aeroguide design ensures line slither through the guides with minimal resistance.

Quick View 17exagegs_thumb_v1_m56577569831051429.png Exage GS

Contact points have been improved, giving anglers better strike sensation.

Quick View bassterraevgs_v1_m56577569831001444.png Bassterra EV GS

Galatama style fishing has its own unique requirement. To cater, we built the Bassterra EV GS. This rod features a fast action tune with full Fuji components for smooth handling. At the base of the handle, we added an EVA kno to give stable hold onto rod holders.

Quick View aernosgs_v1_m56577569830927680.png Aernos GS

Galatama Style Fishing has its own unique requirements. To cater, we built the Aernos GS 2602. This rod features a fast action taper with full Fuji SiC guide for smooth line transition.